Discipleship feels like Driver's Ed

Discipleship feels a lot like Driver’s Education.  

My middle son Jackson is currently in Driver’s Ed, and he might tell you, “I drove today!” with a high measure of pride, and he should be proud, because it’s a big deal to learn. 

But you and I both know the bigger picture.  I bought the truck, I bought the gas, I bought the oil, I take care of the maintenance, I provided the tires, I put in the mud-catching floor mats, I keep it clean (sometimes), I paid for the driver’s ed class, I bought the insurance, and I paid the taxes that pay for the asphalt he’s driving on.  And I’m sitting right next to him, watching his every move, and coaching him every step of the way.  

But if you ask him, he’ll say he drove.  Because he did.  

The mission of this New Worshipping Community is being guided by the youth, people experiencing homelessness, and people struggling with disabilities.  Just like Jackson doesn’t (yet) need to know about taxes or tires or air filters, our Guides don’t (yet) need to learn about all the moving parts it takes to make any community flourish, and yet we know those moving parts are vital. 

We want our Guides to lead us, and grow in discipleship, as we participate with what the Holy Spirit is doing in our midst.